Green Credentials

Canon Colorado 1650

Energy Consumption

The Colorado UVgel printer's exhibit exceptional energy efficiency, utilising over 50% less energy compared to alternative ink technologies

Ink utilisation

Our Colorado printers are verified by the "Buyers Laboratory" (BLI) to use up to 40% less ink than other ink technologies.

All Colorado inks are designed to be safe in various public environments, including hospitals, schools and other public spaces.

Every Colorado ink holds the prestigious GREENGAURD GOLD certification ensuring adherence to stringent environmental and health standards.

Environmental Benefits

The Colorado inks negate the need for lamination, contributing to a reduction in plastics use and associated costs.

Our inks are entirely free of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Components (VOCs), promoting a healthier and environmentally friendly printing process.

Sustainable uses of UVgel

Printed output using UVgel technology and the Colorado series is significantly more versatile across various media compared to other technologies. This versatility allows for a broad range of eco-friendly alternative media, including thin media, paper-based options, and even uncoated varieties.

Canon imagePROGRAF 6100

Carbon Reduction

The imagePROGRAF TC and TM series1 achieved an EPEAT Gold2 rating for low energy consumption, meeting strict criteria established by the Green Electronics Council.


Lower energy consumption and sustainable practice, meeting stringent criteria from the Green Electronics Council. PRO-GRAF 6100 is rated EPEAT Silver, significantly reducing energy use compared to older models.

Resource Efficiency

Excellence to the Last Drop, with our imagePROGRAF 6100 printer, we utilise every drop of ink.

Reduced Ink Consumption

Our introduction of LUCIA TD ink for imagePROGRAF has significantly lowered ink usage. Our use of genuine ink prolongs the lifespan of print heads and other consumables making our ink cartridges easier to recycle.

Responsible Business

Non-Toxic Inks: Our imagePROGRAF utilises non-toxic, water-based inks. This environmentally-friendly choice reduces harm during printing and in the event of spills. Our large format papers, including Red Label Zero FSCĀ® and Recycled White Zero FSCĀ®, are carbon-neutral options, aiding businesses in meeting sustainability goals.

Minimise Misprints

Our large format print software suite, including Direct Print Plus, Professional Print & Layout, and Free Layout Plus, ensures accurate print previews and layout tools, reducing misprints and waste for optimal results